Sunday, February 29, 2004
Yellow Pages

Apart from the line "I've met a girl and no-one likes you", these adverts are woefully misguided in their attempt at humour. James Nesbitt plays Adam from Cold Feet - who it seems is actually the same as James Nesbitt from life - and uses the Yellow Pages for absolutely everything. Well, yoga and haircuts. Except, of course, every time he gets it wrong, and falls over during his yoga class! (But with a great haircut no doubt.) Because he's silly old James Nesbitt from life, see!

What exactly is the message of this advert? That, like alcohol and cigarettes, we should use Yellow Pages responsibly? Or that every time you use the Yellow Pages, your life fucks up? Neither encourages me to leaf through the big yellow doorstep every time I want a pizza. It seems less troublesome to go down to the takeaway shop one the corner where the one-armed man shovels chips into a cone made from yesterday's Sun. At least that way I won't end up falling over and making an annoyed-James-Nesbitt face as the Yellow Pages logo cruises onto my screen.

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